March 20 – Habibi

So I made friends with this Syrian homie who calls me “habibi”. Google translate is telling me that he’s calling me his “love”…which admittedly, is kinda gay…buttfuckit I’ll take it. That shit sounds way too dope.

Still, the fact that I’m kicking it with Muslim people is probably mortifying for my ancestors rn up in Indian heaven…brown beef is stupid, man. I get racism towards another race… at least that shit makes sense. But how are you gonna hate on someone who looks like you, eats the same type of food, and probably also wears a turban or some shit?

On some Malcom X shit, us brown folk gotta stick together. I meann I guess all types of folk gotta stick together, but we get stopped at airports…so fuck that. Call me “habibi”, I’m secure about my masculinity.

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