March 27 – Toxic Femininity

So I’ll admit that there are some toxic elements to masculinity, which have led to lasting negative results, but could we agree that “toxic femininity” is also a thing? Shit only makes sense in every yin/yang duality concept since the history of forever.

Look, ladies, not every woman is a “queen”. That’s not how feudalism works. Some of y’all are just meant to be peasants., which is completely fine by the way, the golden rule mandates that treat everyone with respect regardless. But who do you think has found love with the peasant dudes all these years? Don’t set each other up for failure, or worse, mediocrity.

Also quit taking relationship advice from Beyonce, cause she’ll turn you into an incel. Also understand any “relationship goals” caption with Jay-Z immediately gets thrown out of the picture. They’re peasants at best.

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