April 9 – Joe Biden, #MeToo

Imagine being a rape survivor, and finding out that your traumatic experience now falls under the same hashtag as Joe Biden grabbing someone’s shoulders. Shit would probably be a little insulting, don’t ya think? And yea, I could make a joke on that (at least on the latter) cause I’ve been more sexually assaulted than […]

April 8 – Table Lady

So I was watching someone’s Instagram story over the weekend, of them at the most elaborate wedding I’ve ever seen. Mermaids, fire dancers, and Indian emcees that managed to fly out all the way out from India to what looks like Miami. But you know what really took the (wedding) cake? There was a lady […]

March 25 – Flat Tire

So I was spending the better part of an hour jumping on lug nut wrenches and shit tryna change my flat tire, and the number of people that went out of their way to offer me help made me so fucking happy. A lady even brought me a water bottle and a can of Sprite. […]

March 20 – Habibi

So I made friends with this Syrian homie who calls me “habibi”. Google translate is telling me that he’s calling me his “love”…which admittedly, is kinda gay…buttfuckit I’ll take it. That shit sounds way too dope. Still, the fact that I’m kicking it with Muslim people is probably mortifying for my ancestors rn up in […]